You should look like a Victoria’s Secret model, right?

You Should Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model, right? |

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Some of you may know that the Victoria’s Secret model fashion show occurred recently. It’s been all over the news because a local organization has been making waves by unearthing some of the sneaky marketing tactics employed by Victoria’s Secret. Have you heard of Beauty Redefined? It’s the organization I just referred to. The ladies behind this empowering and bold organization studied media and body image and are using their research and deep knowledge to “take back beauty for girls and women everywhere through continuing the discussion about body image, women’s potential and media influence.” Check out their fabulous website here. Although many aspects of this article are beyond our focus, it still relates to my point just because they bring to focus how objectification of these models and women in general affects our self esteem and how that leads to us inevitably objectifying ourselves. More on that to come……

So, I came across an article that briefly described the diet plan (or shall I clinically define it as a starvation plan)  one of the Victoria’s Secret models follows prior to the show that was equally interesting and horrifying. This was not the main point of the article, but it was way more important in my book.

I’ve seen many articles of celebrities sharing their typical or pre-event eating habits, and unfortunately they mimic Adriana Lima’s; although they may not be quite as severe.

In the aforementioned Beauty Redefined article, they so eloquently state that:

[the Victoria’s Secret brand] relies on us believing beautiful and “sexy” look ONE very specific way — very thin, tall, young, and wrinkle- and cellulite-free— and that we must achieve those ideals by any means necessary in order to be “sexy, bold, and powerful.” and that “we are lead to believe that we are empowered (and made desirable, happy, and healthy) by perfecting the looks believe we are empowered (and made desirable, happy, and healthy) by perfecting the looks of our bodies above all else…

But really, Adriana Lima had to starve herself for over 1 week to meet society’s expectations of beauty. How on earth is this desirable and leading us to happiness and health?

let’s get chatty!

  • Is it worth it to starve yourself to look like a VS model?

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  1. what are you teaching your daughter about loving her body and body image

    February 15, 2017 at 8:30 am

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