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I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and health coach with a master’s in exercise and sport science focused on wellness. I’m also an expert in nutrition and wellness, and can help you improve your life and productivity by making -tailored to you- changes. No dieting, no deprivation, no misery.

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So…….. do you want to improve your health and wellbeing, or your employees’ health and wellbeing? Do you like my content & approach? It’s your lucky day, in addition to blogging, I run a nutrition consulting business, Nourish Nutrition Co. Through my business I help 2 different types of people.

  1. Women who dislike their bodies, and want to get healthy and stay healthy. Society tells us that hating our bodies is good, that this deep hatred will lead us to improve our health and lose weight. What they fail to tell you is that you probably will lose weight, but you’ll regain it just as quickly as you lost it. All that hard work, all that misery, down the toilet. I can help you ditch the negative diet mentality to actually improve how you view your body, and make healthy changes that you can stick with and enjoy for a long time. No miserable diets, no dreading the gym. Just health, happiness, and enjoyment.
  2. Companies. Creating a healthy workplace is one of the easiest and most rewarding areas to influence your employees to a. be healthier and b. be more productive. Through small &/or large environmental changes & education I can help your company be more productive, reduce your healthcare costs, and help your employees take control of their health.

Check out my website for pricing & more information.

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